We have a wide range of wheelchairs for you to choose from. We have adult wheelchairs, junior chairs and also kids chairs available. We offer free delivery & VAT relief available on all products sold on this website. Our wheelchair range boasts quality and durability. If you need any help choosing a chair, please contact our customer services on 01698533022.

Attendant propelled wheelchairs

Attendant propelled wheelchairs are designed to be pushed by someone to allow the wheelchair user to remain comfortable. These chairs normally have smaller wheels – this helps make the wheelchair lighter. These also have the ability to fold up and be very compact for storage purposes.

Self-propelled wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs are designed to allow the wheelchair user to push themselves around. This gives the user some freedom but it does require some fitness if going long distances. Most self-propelled wheelchairs are slightly heavier than equivalent attendant propelled chairs but do allow the option to be mobile alone.

Kids Wheelchairs

We also offer kids chairs which come with many options & extras. You can choose the frame type, frame colour, seat widths, seat depth and the seat height. These chairs have been designed to grow with your child, as your child gets bigger, so can the chair due to its telescopic frame type.

Power Wheelchairs

Please see this page for information about enquiring about or ordering an electric powered wheelchair.