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For over 15 years, Webster Wheelchairs has been the UK’s Leading Provider of Manual & Electric Wheelchairs

Rated Gold Trusted Merchant on Feefo

Rated Gold Trusted Merchant on Feefo

Webster Wheelchairs
The Mobility Experts

It’s no wonder our customers love us; we are committed to providing high-quality wheelchairs with unmatched comfort, durability, and customisation options compared to other wheelchair providers.

When it comes to mobility aids, we’ve got you covered. So don’t delay, by investing in one of our wheelchairs today you will be enhancing your quality of life and improving your independence hugely. 

We also sell a huge range of accessories and mobility products that you can add to your wheelchair to give you that extra element of comfort, as well as confidence when you are out on your own. 

Our range of wheelchairs is focused on being affordable, ultra-lightweight and reliable wheelchairs. We believe that having lightweight wheelchairs are essential for everyday use as one that is heavy duty can be hard to manoeuvre, hurt your aims and stop you from getting to certain places

Leading UK Distributor For The Webster™ Wheelchair Range

Webster™ is one of the UK’s leading brands, with all products carefully crafted to meet the high standards of UK healthcare institutions. These wheelchairs have been supplied to the NHS and several happy customers for over 15 years. As leading UK distributors for Webster™ products, we pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality wheelchairs at affordable prices. We always aim for complete customer satisfaction and are also on hand to help with any queries or concerns you may have.

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Our team of experts can help if you have questions about our range of wheelchairs or if you have a list of personal requirements.

Let our team answer your questions by filling in the contact form on the right, or by calling our team today.

Rated Gold Trusted Merchant on Feefo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manual eheelchairs allow wheelchair users and to push themselves around independently or with the assistance of an attendant.

Electric wheelchairs are sometimes also referred to as ‘powerchairs’, ‘electric power chairs’ or just ‘power wheelchairs’. These wheelchairs have recliner capabilities, and speeds of around 4mph and more. Check out our electric power wheelchairs page for more information.

Self-propelled wheelchairs allow wheelchair users to push themselves around independently. This gives the user some freedom but can be strenuous over long periods of time. They have handbrakes for extra safety. Most self-propelled wheelchairs are slightly heavier than attendant-propelled chairs but do allow the option to be mobile alone.

Attendant-propelled wheelchairs (also known as ‘transit wheelchairs‘ are perfect for carers of PAs wishing to push wheelchair users along. These chairs normally have small wheels — which makes the wheelchair lighter. Travel transit wheelchairs have the ability to fold up and be very compact for storage purposes.

Rollator Wheelchairs provide stability and balance for those who need help getting around. Rollators make walking easier and for longer distances. Rollators come equipped with easy to steer wheels, wheel locks, and brakes.

A Rollator can help maintain an active lifestyle for users, and can even improve posture. They are also convenient, coming equipped with baskets and a seat. This enables users to carry items with them and have a rest if they need to.

Here are a few things to check for: Consider which kind of wheelchair you are going to need, whether it be manual or electric, foldable or even a Rollator wheelchair. Make sure that the wheelchair you choose has adequate arm and footrests as you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or get muscle strain every time you sit in it. Check how durable the wheels are and how solid is the back support on the wheelchair. 

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