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Rollator Wheelchairs provide stability and balance for those who need help getting around. Rollators make walking easier and for longer distances. Rollators come equipped with easy to steer wheels, wheel locks, and brakes. A Rollator can help maintain an active lifestyle for users, and can even improve posture. They are also convenient, coming equipped with baskets and a seat. This enables users to carry items with them and have a rest if they need to.

Rollators have a lightweight aluminium construction. This makes them easy to push along, but still very strong. Models designed for outdoor use have large and sturdy wheels. This allows users to push them over cobblestones or dirt roads without struggling. Indoor models are more compact in size, ensuring they fit through door frames in the home.

A compact design makes these products easy to fold away and store when not in use. Making them perfect for small spaces in the home, on public transport, or in the back of a car.

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