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Who we are

Webster wheelchairs is a preferred partner of Rhealthcare providing a wide range of wheelchairs and aids to the general public at competitive prices for the last 10 years.

How it started

Due to high demand from the general public for wheelchairs generally only available to the National Health Service Webster Wheelchairs was formed to give access to these highly regarded products.

Why choose us

Webster wheelchairs supplies a wide range of chairs produced to the high standards required by the NHS. Buying from us gives you the assurance of quality demanded by the NHS.

How it works

You will be supplied with a complete wheelchair requiring no assembly along with comprehensive instructions and assurance of a 12 month warranty, with spare parts and accessories available.

Webster Wheelchairs are a leading distributor and preferred partner for the Webster™ Wheelchair range

Webster™ is a major UK brand and products are designed and manufactured to meet the high standards of UK healthcare institutions and have been supplied to the NHS for many years. Webster™ means superior style and quality at an affordable price. These wheelchairs and accessories have been supplied in the UK for 15 years and has been used by more than 1 in 5 UK wheelchair users over this period of time.

Webster Wheelchairs prides itself on supplying quality products that offer great value-for-money for known and trusted branded wheelchairs. We specialise in wheelchairs that make it easier for you to get out and about – be they foldable, lightweight, collapsible, pull-apart or any combination of these.

We are fully based in the United Kingdom and all products are shipped domestically to the UK mainland.

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Technical Information

For technical information about these products please find out more through our sister site.

Any questions?

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