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Wheelchair Parts and Wheelchair Spares — Everything to keep a wheelchair like new

Wheelchairs, like anything, wear down with time. With our selection of Wheelchair Parts and wheelchair spares, users need not worry. We can provide all the Wheelchair Parts and wheelchair spares you will need in case of a break or malfunction.

A little bit of maintenance and care will keep a wheelchair in tip-top condition. New Wheelchair Parts and wheelchair spares are a cheap way of keeping a wheelchair running and looking like it is new. It will also increase the comfort and experience for users.

Some of the replacement parts we stock: chairs and spares, tires, wheels, footrests, headrests, upholstery and more.

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Our Wheelchair Parts and wheelchair spare parts are ready to install on arrival, so they are easy to fit. To be on the safe side though, we would recommend taking them to a wheelchair specialist (just in case).

Fast and FREE delivery is available for all our Wheelchair Parts in the UK.

Remember, even if your wheelchair appears to be in working order, it is wise to get it looked at from time to time. Especially if it has been a few years. If you have questions about any of our Wheelchair Parts, contact us today. Call 0169 853 3022 or email: