Wheelchair accessories for convenience. A selection of discounted accessories at great prices.

Wheelchair Accessories

We have a wide range of wheelchair accessories from crash-tested headrests, to elevating leg rests and even bags to put wheelchairs into. These accessories are additional items you can fit onto your wheelchair to enable it to support you in comfort for your specific needs, beyond just the stock configuration. Some accessories are made for specific products while others are universal products, meaning they can fit most, if not all wheelchairs on the market (please make sure to do your research before ordering). Don’t pay a cent for delivery, either – fast and free delivery with all orders. And with so many of our accessories available with great affordable discounts, why would you get your wheelchair accessories from anywhere else?

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Universal Wheelchair Accessories UK

If you are looking to buy wheelchair accessories you have come to the right place. We supply a wide range of products ranging from some of the best wheelchair cushions, lightweight wheelchair cushions, headrests, elevating leg rests and many more. Quality accessories ensuring comfort and durability at affordable prices.