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Wheelchair Accessories — Customise for comfort and practicality

Customise your wheelchair with our Wheelchair Accessories. These accessories can provide extra support and comfort. They may also enhance mobility and make the wheelchair more durable. Our products include wheelchair covers, crash-tested wheelchairs, elevated leg rests, cushions, and storage bags for wheelchairs. We have carefully selected these products because they are both practical and affordable.

Users can customise with our Wheelchair Accessories to craft the ideal wheelchair. A customised wheelchair can make life much easier and better for the user. It can also enable a more active lifestyle.

Universal Wheelchair Accessories For the UK

Most of the Wheelchair Accessories we stock are ‘universal’. Meaning they can fit most, if not all wheelchairs. Some, however, may only fit certain products. If you are unsure which one is right for you, contact us today. Call 0169 853 3022 or email:

Fast and FREE delivery is available for all our Wheelchair Accessories.

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