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Webster Magnesium Lite Wheelchair

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  • Super lightweight – 10kg
  • Magnesium Frame
  • Tipping lever – Making curbs easier
  • Easy Fold – Fits in smaller boots
  • Available in Blue

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Ultra Lightweight Magnesium, 10kg Lifting Weight, Easy Folding & Compact Wheelchair

If you are looking for a attendant-propelled manual wheelchair that offers supreme comfort, practicality and durability at an affordable price, then look no further. The Webster Mag Lite Attendant-Propelled wheelchair is ideal for users and carers wanting quality, lightness and flexibility not found in traditional wheelchairs.

We have taken our most popular chair, the Webster Lite Foldable wheelchair and reproduced it in magnesium, keeping all the benefits of the chair but reducing the lifting weight to just 10kg.

The Webster Mag Lite is popular among users and caregivers for its lightweight, durable and easy-to-manoeuvre design. To find out more about this model or to enquire about our other wheelchair products, call our friendly team on 01698 533 022.

Enhance your Mobility with our Ultra-Portable, Attendant-Propelled Wheelchair

Increase your mobility with the ultra-lightweight and comfortable Webster Mag Lite wheelchair. With its easy-to-fold lightweight magnesium frame, the Webster Mag Lite transit wheelchair is ultra-portable, making it the ideal choice for transportation and car boot storage and more.

The compact design is ideal for wheelchair users who need an ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair. The wheelchair is ideal for short trips and loading into the car as its total weight is only 10kg. Additionally, the ergonomic backrest allows comfort while in the chair. It also has a half-folding back, making it easy to store and transport.

Webster Mag Lite Wheelchair Features

Frame available in standard Blue

Heavy-duty, easy-folding magnesium frame

Puncture-proof wheels

Twin-hand brake levers

Detachable foot plates

Detachable swing-away footrests

Detachable armrests and legrests

Half Folding Back

Secure attendant push handles

Padded Nylon Upholstery

Maximum user weight limit 100kgs

12 months parts warranty

Wheelchair Dimension Specifications

See below for the product information pertaining to the Webster Mag Lite transport wheelchair size and dimensions.

Wheelchair dimensions for 19 x 16 Seat Width:

Width Open : 600mm (23.6″)

Length Open : 1010mm (39.7″)

Height Open : 995mm (39.2″)

Width Folded : 260mm (10.2″)

Length Folded : 645mm (25.4″)

Height Folded : 765mm (30.1″)

Seat Width : 482mm (19″)

Seat Depth : 407mm (16″)

Total Weight : 10kg

Maximum User Weight : 100kg (15 Stone)

Backrest Height : 460mm (18.1”)

Backrest Angle : 3°

Armrest Height : 260mm (10.2”)

Front Wheel : 200mm (7.9”)

Rear Wheel : 300mm (11.8”)

We’re the UK’s Leading Wheelchair Experts

At Webster Wheelchairs, we are committed to providing high-quality and affordable mobility aid products to users across the UK.

We offer a variety of deluxe wheelchairs, from transit chairs and travel wheelchairs like our ultra-lightweight Webster Mag Lite foldable wheelchair to self-propelled wheelchairs with ultra-light aluminium frames.

Additionally, we stock a wide range of wheelchair accessories and parts, designed to enhance user comfort and mobility. Check out our accessories and parts today and find the perfect mobility solution for you.


What is the difference between a self-propelled wheelchair and an attendant-propelled wheelchair?

Attendant-propelled wheelchairs, such as our Webster Mag Lite Wheelchair, are designed to be pushed by a carer, or an attendant. In this case, they can be a perfect mobility aid for individuals who have limited mobility or who have a long-term health condition, and who must be accompanied by an individual when travelling.

Self-propelled wheelchairs (also known as user-controlled wheelchairs) are chairs that the user propels themselves. These wheelchairs have handles that allow them to be pushed, but the main purpose of these chairs is for the user to be able to manoeuvre the chair themselves without assistance.

Typically, an attendant-propelled wheelchair is of a lighter weight when lifting due to the rear wheel size.

However, a wheelchair with self-propulsion may be easier on the caregiver to push when traversing grass or gravel, or even when negotiating small steps due to the larger rear wheels.

At Webster Wheelchairs, we offer an array of high-quality self-propelled and attendant-propelled bariatric wheelchairs. See our full range today!

What is the lightest wheelchair Webster offers?

The lightweight self-propelled Webster Lite 2 is the lightest wheelchair within our wheelchair range. The wheelchair can be folded together into a compact unit complete with a carrying handle, with a lifting weight of just a feather over 8kg when removeable parts are taken off.

Is there a limit to the weight the self-propelled wheelchair can handle?

The maximum user weight limit for the Dash Lite SP Wheelchair is 127kg or 20 stone.

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