Transit Wheelchairs – Lightweight for easy travel - Quality Assured

Transit Wheelchairs allow carers to move the disabled and elderly from one location to another quickly and easily. Transit Wheelchairs have small wheels. This is to enable the carer to push or ‘propel’ the wheelchair with little effort.

The compact width and size of both the transit chair and its wheels make it ideal for maneuvering in small spaces. This is important if the person in the chair has low mobility. Our Wheelchairs have a strong aluminum or steel frame and are lightweight to carry when not in use. The seat and armrests are durable, able to withstand a lot of user weight. (Although for larger users we stock ‘Bariatric’ Wheelchairs.)

Our lightweight Transit Wheelchair models are great for convenient travel from place to place. They fold up so that they take even less space. If you would like to know more about our Transit Wheelchairs, click on each of the icons below.

Please remember, Transit Wheelchairs need an attendant to assist with the pushing. They are not designed for the user to move about on their own.

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