Folding Wheelchairs – Collapsible, lightweight, Ultra Portable - Quality Assured

Folding Wheelchairs are a new breed of ultra-portable, folding lightweight wheelchairs. A Folding Wheelchair is ideal to slot into the boot of a car. Their ultra-portability also makes them handy for shopping trips, storage or traveling on holiday.

Folding Wheelchairs fold up and fold out with ease. Because of this, they are also known as ‘collapsible wheelchairs’. Sometimes they are referred to as ‘portable wheelchairs’. This collapsible frame is in opposition to non-folding wheelchairs, or ‘rigid wheelchairs’. Folding Wheelchairs are practical and make daily activities simpler and more fun. Although they are very light to carry, the frame still has all the strength of a rigid wheelchair. Depending on lifestyle or circumstance, a lightweight Folding Wheelchair may be the essential choice.

Our selection of lightweight Folding Wheelchairs for sale includes both Transit Folding Wheelchairs and Self Propelled Folding Wheelchairs. Transit Wheelchairs must have a carer or assistant to help the user move about. Self Propelled Wheelchairs have larger rear wheels. They are for users who can get about on their own.

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