Electric Power Wheelchairs

At the premium end of our product range can be found the Dash Rehab X10 electric wheelchairs. By focussing on delivering upon your needs, the X10 offers the unmatched comfort, durability and quality construction that comes with simplicity as a design philosophy. This electric wheelchair gives you the choice of front wheel drive, mid wheel drive or rear wheel drive (making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use) as well as a swathe of advanced and customisable features.
Each X10 is tested to European and international ISO standards and built by our engineering team to your exact specifications. Need the backrest height adjusted up to 570mm, or a tilt-in-space capability of exactly 44 degrees? Not a problem – we’ll work with you on your personal list of requirements to make sure that the electric wheelchair you receive is every bit as good as you expect and deserve.
Available features include powered backrest recline, powered tilt-in-space, powered seat lift, gyroscopic safety and a maximum speed of up to 7.7mph. A wealth of additional capabilities and inclusions are available on top of the base price of £5920, and we’d be happy to discuss your personal list of requirements in a free in-home consultation with an expert representative.
The Dash Rehab X10 is the motorised wheelchair to take you where you want to go, and your journey starts simply by getting in touch with us – we’ll take it from there. Call us during UK business hours on 01698 533 022, or just fill in the form below.
Further details on these premium electric wheelchairs are available in the product pages below.
The Dash X10 Series has been developed by some of the most experienced experts in the wheelchair industry ensuring quality, robustness and delivery. Excellent power wheelchairs for sale now at great prices.
All these power wheelchairs have been tested to the European standard EN12184:2014 and the international standard ISO7176-19:2008.

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