Welcome to Tuesday 13th November, or as we prefer to call it, #PurpleTuesday!

Purple Tuesday is the UK’s accessible shopping day – focussing on how retailers, both high-street shops and online retailers such as ourselves, can better serve the disabled community and give them the access to our businesses that dignity demands. Today we’re proud to announce an accessibility overhaul of our entire site & store as part of this great event.

Purple Tuesday - the UK's Accessible Shopping Day

Purple Tuesday logo

This event is not just a single day of making token changes or gestures – it’s more than a publicity stunt, its about making long-term commitments to improve access for disabled people and create lasting change. That’s why instead of just promoting the day itself, we’re committing to a 6-month-plus upgrade program of our entire web presence. We’ll be reviewing elements, pages and media across our website, online store and social media accounts, learning what works and what doesn’t, and drawing lessons from this process on how to do things right first-time in future.

We’ve been planning this for a few weeks now and there’s quite a buzz around the office. We’ve already started tinkering behind the scenes – making improvements to image “alt text” to improve how our site reads on screen readers, hitting the books to learn about different types of colour blindness and looking at how to optimise the structure of the Webster Wheelchairs store to make sure everything is as good as can be.

We’ve got the inspiration, we’ve got the plans – time to get to work!

P.S. Learn more about the day itself at purpletuesday.org.uk or the fantastic organisation that started it all, Purple!