Dash REHAB X10-MWD Electric Power Wheelchair

The Dash REHAB X10-MWD Electric Power Wheelchair has a mixture of benefits from the FWD & RWD. The Front Wheel Drive version is better suited to small spaces (such as indoors) while the Rear Wheel Drive is best suited for open outdoor use. As such, this mid-wheel-drive version is perfect for every day general use. The chair has been fully tested to the International Standard ISO7176-19:2008 and the European standard EN12184:2014.

  • FREE Home Assessment
  • Crash Tested to ISO7176-19:2008
  • Various Additions & Options Available
  • Custom-built to your specifications – we provide a chair you can truly call your own
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Comes with Agilo Seating System and much more!
  • Base price £5920 – this will vary depending on your requirements

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum user weight 160kg
  • Maximum speed 8/10/12.5km/h
  • Batteries 50/60/78Ah
  • Total length 1130mm
  • Total width 635mm
  • Seat depth 420 – 560mm
  • Seat width 420 – 540mm
  • Seat height (cushion excluded) 390mm
  • Ground clearance 75mm
  • Backrest height 500 – 570mm (can be customised)
  • Powered backrest recline 38° (optional extra)
  • Powered tilt in space 45° (optional extra)
  • Powered seat lift 300mm (optional extra)
  • Drive wheels (Puncture Protected) 3.00 x 8
  • Castor wheels (Puncture Protected) 180 x 45

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