Dash REHAB X10-FWD S Electric Power Wheelchair

The Dash REHAB X10-FWD S Electric Power Wheelchair is a slightly smaller version of the X10-FWD allowing you to maneuver in even smaller spaces. The chair isn’t as wide and makes it easy to rotate around objects and to fit through small gaps. Ideal for indoor usage. The chair has been fully tested to the International Standard ISO7176-19:2008 and the European standard EN12184:2014.

  • FREE Home Assessment
  • Crash Tested to ISO7176-19:2008
  • Various Additions & Options Available
  • Custom-built to your specifications – we provide a chair you can truly call your own
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Comes with Agilo Seating System and much more!
  • Base price £5920 – this will vary depending on your requirements

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum user weight 120kg
  • Maximum speed 8 – 10km/h
  • Batteries 50Ah
  • Total length 1100mm
  • Total width 540mm
  • Seat depth 400 – 530mm
  • Seat width 360 – 460mm
  • Seat height (excluding cushion) 390mm
  • Ground clearance 75mm
  • Backrest height 500 – 570mm (can be customised)
  • Powered backrest recline 38° (optional extra)
  • Powered tilt in space 45° (optional extra)
  • Powered seat lift 300mm (optional extra)
  • Drive wheels (Puncture Protected) 3.00 x 8
  • Castor wheels (Puncture Protected) 2.80/2.50 x 4

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