Dash TODO DRIVE Power Assist Wheelchair System

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Webster Wheelchairs is proud to present our new easy-fitting power assist system for your self-propelled wheelchair – the TODO DRIVE. Transform your wheelchair into a power-driven miracle by adding this super-lightweight kit that adds only 4.5kg weight.

  • Lightweight – conveniently add motorised capability to your self-propelled wheelchair – this streamlined kit adds only 4.5 kilograms
  • Universal – TODO DRIVE can be applied to a wide range of self-propelled manual wheelchairs, whether folding or rigid
  • Simple – TODO DRIVE embraces a design philosophy that simplicity works. Two motors, a joystick, a lithium-ion battery and a control board – that’s all it takes to transform your chair
  • Easy – no other power assist system offers this ease of use – switch from manual power to electric power with the flick of a switch
  • Smart – install our mobile app and control your wheelchair from your phone via wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Roam up to 9 miles, climb up to 10°, support up to 80kg, travel up to 5mph

We strongly recommend having your TODO DRIVE fitted by an experienced wheelchair service agent.

Make everyday a new experience with TODO DRIVE.



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Weight4.5 kg

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