Children's Wheelchairs - Quality Assured

Children’s wheelchairs are specially made to assist with a child’s development.

Children’s wheelchairs are sometimes referred to as paediatric wheelchairs or even ‘baby wheelchairs’. Children’s wheelchairs provide great balance and mobility, comfort, and control. They grant children the independence to play and learn at school and in the home, and during hours of play.

Our children’s wheelchairs for sale are manual wheelchairs. Available in either self of attendant propelled models. Children’s wheelchairs are ultra portable, lightweight, and fold-able. They are also ’tilt-in-space’ wheelchairs. This can help with posture, positioning, and important medical functions. (Such as facilitating respiration, reducing pressure, and helping with feeding.)

There are important considerations to make before purchasing a kid’s wheelchair. For example, does the child’s health conditions need specific requirements? How much physical support does the child need? And most importantly, what does the child want most?

For access, care, and positioning, children’s wheelchairs are ideal for disabled children or children with extra requirements.

If you have questions about which wheelchair is the correct one for your child, please contact us. We also stock products to enhance a child’s wheelchair’s function. If you are looking for cushions, aids, or custom seats, check out our wheelchair accessories page. Or our wheelchair parts page.

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