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At Webster Wheelchairs, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality and affordable mobility aids. With this in mind, we are proud to offer lightweight and durable premium products in a range of different compact designs and sizes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the wheelchairs we have on sale for some great discounts and bargains. Parts and accessories are also available at reduced prices.

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    Webster Lite Stump Support

    £33.59£61.18 Inc. VAT Select options
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    Webster Air Cushion

    £200.38£299.98 Inc. VAT Select options
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    Forearm Walker

    £300.00 Inc. VAT Add to basket
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    Fold Down Rollator

    £214.80 Inc. VAT Add to basket
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Wheelchairs, Parts, and Accessories — On Sale Now!

A new wheelchair, or new parts, can really improve things for users. Our sale includes transit wheelchairs, self propelled wheelchairs, and lightweight wheelchairs. Many of our sale item accessories are ‘universal’. This means they are compatible with most wheelchair models. If you are unsure though, contact us below and we can help clear things up.

We pride ourselves in delivering some of the cheapest and best wheelchairs, parts, and accessories. Our sale items are good chance to get them while they’re even cheaper. Some of the discounted items we have include: wheelchair bags, cushions, head rests, and walking aids (Rollators).

Need Some Assistance?

Deciding which items to purchase can be a difficult decision to make, that’s why we’re here to help. Whatever your query, our friendly team of wheelchair specialists are on hand to help you in your decision-making process. 

To learn more about our wheelchairs email us at sales@websterwheelchairs.com or call our team on 01698 533 022.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Types of Wheelchairs do you Offer?

Electric Wheelchairs

Sometimes also referred to as ‘powerchairs’, ‘electric power chairs’ or just ‘power wheelchairs’. These wheelchairs have recliner capabilities, and speeds of around 4mph and more. Check out our electric power wheelchairs page for more information.

Attendant-propelled or ‘Transit Wheelchairs’

Attendant-propelled wheelchairs (also known as ‘transit wheelchairs‘ are perfect for carers of PAs wishing to push wheelchair users along. These chairs normally have small wheels — which makes the wheelchair lighter. Travel transit wheelchairs have the ability to fold up and be very compact for storage purposes.

Self-propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs allow wheelchair users to push themselves around independently. This gives the user some freedom but can be strenuous over long periods of time. They have handbrakes for extra safety. Most self-propelled wheelchairs are slightly heavier than attendant propelled chairs but do allow the option to be mobile alone.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are there for additional user weight and size, and also made to be more comfortable travel chairs. Like the rest of our wheelchairs, they are made from durable, lightweight aluminium.

Folding wheelchairs

These ultra-lightweight folding wheelchairs are, as the name suggests, foldable. Our foldable wheelchairs are made of the same strong aluminium and make great transport wheelchairs. The folding wheelchairs fit nicely into a car boot, so you can take them anywhere.

Children’s Wheelchairs

Our children’s wheelchairs come with many options and extras. You can choose the frame type, frame colour, seat widths, seat depth and seat height. Quick-release; detachable, removable footrests are also an option and These chairs have been designed to grow with your child, as your child gets bigger, so can the chair due to its telescopic frame type.

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